Hobby turned business, Alex Ewald started making tables from fell trees using a chainsaw at his father's garden center. It was fun and every tree told a different story. 

After four years in business we are continuing to learn and grow and gain valuable experience in the custom wood working industry. We have built dream job conference tables and worked with lots of different reclaimed and natural edge slab  woods. The designs and ideas our customers have thought of and brought to us have been a lot of fun mixed with challenges of "how are we going to make this work?"

We work hard to deliver quality products in a timely manner with our products being  "handcrafted with your design in mind"

" I have always felt creative and thought outside the box. I let the materials do most the talking, I just help them get their voice out."

- Alex Ewald 

Customers, Clients, Friends

Word of mouth has been our  advertising and outlet. We have the greatest clients and customers.  Most were already friends and others have become friends. We are sincerely thankful for everyone who has trusted us with their dreams and allowed us to create their vision. 

Notable Commercial Clients

  • Angry Orchard
  • Geek Hive
  • Empire Office
  • Clemson Bros. Brewery
  • Tapped Craft beer & Restaurant
  • Empire Office
  • Benhar

Handcrafted with your design in mind

This has been our motto from day 1. From both Residential and Commercial clients we strive to create a product that they are proud to show off. We work closely with our clients to make every product custom to their needs.